Five Unexpected (and Expected) Benefits of Sending My Child to School in Marin

Nearly one in four Mount Tamalpais School students is a San Francisco resident. We reached out to the parents of our “city” students about the best parts of sending their child to Marin and Mount Tamalpais School. Here is what they said:

  1. Sunshine and Warmth: Every parent raved about the warm, sunny weather on campus. Jessica, mother of three MTS student writes, “I love that my kids can escape the SF fog and learn in light, airy classrooms and eat lunch outside every day.” The sunshine allows our students to spend quality time outdoors every day. Many San Francisco MTS parents also take advantage of Mill Valley recreational sports: “The sports venues are easier to get to with plentiful parking. No more treks to Treasure Island for little league or Bayshore for soccer fields.”

  2. Real Grass Matters: That sunshine and warmth helps our acre-plus grass field thrive. Our students are outside on the field for physical education and two recesses five days a week. We also have a large play structure and several acre eucalyptus grove adjacent to campus. Tammy, mother of a Kindergarten girl, notes that the “grass fields, beautiful forest, and fabulous playground allow the students to stretch their growing bodies.”

  3. The Bus is the Best: “Bus rides build confidence, independence, and community for both the kids and the parents.” Many of our San Francisco students arrive at MTS via one of our two bus routes. These students enjoy the multi-grade friendships that develop on the bus and are able to be dropped off in the afternoon at places like the JCC, saving a carpool trip for the parents.

  4. Proximity, Parking, and Peace: Several parents who live on the north side of San Francisco noted that MTS is closer than many of our peer city schools. “MTS is a much more pleasant drive as compared to fighting all the Ubers going across the city!” When parents do come to campus they love the ease of doing errands while in Marin with plenty of parking. Nicole, mother of a Kindergartener, notes the peace in Marin: “The drive to school alone is stunning. I feel a positive attitude adjustment every time I am there.”

  5. Departmentalized & Co-Ed: While not a product of our Mill Valley campus, a number of parents noted that they appreciate the departmentalized, coeducational program. The departmentalized program ensures students are learning from teachers who are passionate experts in that discipline. The co-educational program allows all our students to thrive and to see students of the opposite sex as intellectual partners, not just social partners. Jessica writes, “Co-ed has been a blessing. It has help my kids feel comfortable, normal, and confident around the opposite sex.”

The most universal sentiment among our San Francisco parents is that Mount Tamalpais School is a hidden gem. We are thrilled that you have found us.