Why We Send Our Daughter to MTS

Education is very important in our family. We toured and applied to multiple independent schools in Marin and had the luxury of getting into all of them. While all of the schools have much to offer, here are some reasons why we are so glad our daughter is in kindergarten at Mount Tamalpais School.

  • Community: As a new family to the school, we felt that we were part of the school community prior to even the beginning of the school year. We are grateful to have met many beautiful families within Marin and SF.

  • Communications: MTS communications are clear. Never once during the tour, interview process, or beginning of the school year did we ever feel lost. Not only were we paired with mentor families immediately, the school is amazingly responsive to all questions.

  • Activities: Our family is amazed at the variety of after-school activities that MTS offers. Chess, art, golf, cooking and many more…inclusive for most all ages. We had a difficult time deciding between the choices. MTS even offers a flexible after-care program where a child can stay and simply play outdoors.

  • Education: We wanted a work hard, play hard atmosphere for our daughter and we found it at MTS. MTS is a small school with a nurturing environment where the children absolutely have fun while learning. Starting from kindergarten, they are learning engineering, languages, computers, and science in addition to foundational classes like math, writing, etc. MTS offers it all.

  • Teachers: Amazing. Approachable. Helpful. Nurturing. The departmentalized teaching structure at MTS allows each teacher to do what they do best - teach their subjects. Our family felt that this is how the educational process should be.

  • Open Campus: MTS has many options for parents to volunteer such as the library, art class and hot lunch where parents can be on campus. We love having the ability to have visibility to our kindergartener while at school. MTS has a parent app in which teachers can post comments and pictures of the kids' daily activities. Given that information is difficult to get from our kids, it really helps with parent/child communications and especially dinner time conversation.

Prior to attending MTS, we weren’t seeing the love for learning that we felt our kindergartener should have. There were times even the word “bored” was used. After attending MTS, our child does not want to leave school and is up bright and early, excited to go to school. Not only does she talk about her new friends, but she constantly mentions all of her teachers as well. MTS was the best decision for our family.

Stacy and David Brown
MTS Kindergarten Parents