Caren Orum, Alumni Parent

“We had a freshman parent meeting at Branson tonight with the Dean of Freshmen. In discussing the transition for the class, she mentioned that a lot of kids are feeling extremely overwhelmed by the workload, having to learn to advocate for themselves, how to be organized and manage study materials and are dealing with high expectations.

…I just wanted to say thank you to the teachers at MTS. Alex is not overwhelmed by the workload, is used to advocating for himself and reaching out to teachers and has a solid background in binders/study skills/note taking etc. So THANK YOU! To all of you!”


Miranda Lumpkin, Alumni Parent & Current Parent, San Francisco

“One of the many things our family has loved at MTS is its performing arts program. From school plays to middle school enrichment classes to after school voice classes, there are so many opportunities to explore the world of performing at MTS!

One of the highlights of being an MTS student is being a part of a school musical (4th and 5th graders work together on a fall play project as part of the curriculum, while middle schoolers can audition for the spring play.) Both our recent grad Marissa (MTS Class of 2018) and our 6th grader Mia, loved being in their 4th and 5th grade plays so much that every year since, they have excitedly participated in the school play in middle school.

Over the years, through performing arts, we have seen our girls develop the confidence to sing solos and learn how to express themselves on stage, and we value the many opportunities they have had to work together with and support their fellow students as they prepare for the performances, recitals, and concerts. So much of Marissa and Mia's love of singing, drama, and the performing arts has come from their time at MTS, and we have the amazing Performing Arts Department to thank for it!”


Annabelle, MTS Alumna

“Not only has the MTS Physical Education program helped me pursue a number of short and long term fitness goals, the school's 'group play' activities have helped me build self-esteem while also learning to communicate more effectively with my peers.”


Kristen LeMaster, Current Parent, San Francisco

“Marin gets more sunshine and warmer temperatures [than San Francisco], and the kids get to spend real quality time outdoors. The bus can take them right to the JCC for afterschool activities – it’s like a built in carpool! Kaia came home so excited because she saw a whale breaching in the Bay on their trip over the Golden Gate Bridge. Things just feel more peaceful, with less stress, and the kids pick up on that.”

Catalina talks about the teachers at MTS.


Lily Ehsan, Current 8th Grader

“When I arrived at MTS in the fifth grade, I was welcomed with open arms. I am currently thriving at MTS as I am surrounded by curious peers and supportive teachers who care about my growth as a student and individual. I am constantly challenged to expand my knowledge base, think critically, and be an engaged citizen in my community. I am proud to be part of an encouraging environment like Mount Tamalpais School.”


Christina Scott, Current Parent, Tiburon

- The Interpersonal Connections… The depth of emotional protection, care, attention and security given to students due to the intimate nature of the MTS environment (ie. departmentalization and so many teachers attending to each student every day and able to notice changes, growing interests, or any issues.

- The Level of Trust MTS has honorably earned. We trust the school to be stewards of our children’s growth and advocates of their well-being.

- The depth of meaningful communication and transparency from the Head of school, Teachers, Administrators and Board.

- The Extraordinary Joy… The comfort and happiness of teachers and students working in their element, in and out the classroom, students playing together outdoors, connecting with their teachers formally and informally.

- The Intimacy and Care… It feels like a big inspiring and nurturing family to our children.

- The Pleasure and Appreciation of Volunteering… that it is celebrated by the faculty consistently.

- The Laughter… The humor and candor of Andrew towards students, faculty, and parents alike, in addition to his serious and phenomenal leadership.

- The Sincerity of the Teachers… The accessibility and phenomenal personal and professional manners on all levels of engagement.