MTS Strategic Vision

Campus Initiatives

Mount Tamalpais School strives to evolve and respond to today’s education best practices. With that vision in mind, we have identified certain initiatives regarding our campus and enrollment that will enable MTS to create an enhanced learning experience for our students in the future. These proposed new initiatives will include: 

  • Replacement of our existing portables with five permanent classrooms. The new classrooms will be located in nearly the same footprint as the portables, but tucked slightly closer toward our existing redwood grove to further enhance our field space.
  • Phased enrollment growth of 55 students over a four-year period. Our goal is eventually to have ~14-16 students in each lower school class. The new tuition revenue from this increase will allow us to invest more in strategic plan priorities including our teachers and tuition assistance. 
  • Interior reconfiguration and modest addition to our administration building. These modifications will create a more visible front office for campus safety, add 950 square feet for needed offices, and introduce updated, ADA-accessible and gender-neutral restrooms.

The first step in this process is to engage with our neighbors and the community regarding these conceptual plans. We recognize that communicating potential changes to our school operations is an essential part of being a good neighbor. We also believe this is an opportunity to hear feedback and make enhancements to the school's transportation measures.

As we begin this process, please reach out to with any questions about these initiatives. We look forward to sharing more with you in the coming weeks and months ahead.

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