Technology is an integral part of life at MTS and is embedded throughout the curriculum. We focus on developing skills that allow students to use computers as production tools, develop their critical-thinking skills, and be 21st century problem solvers. All learning spaces at MTS have access to our wireless network and are equipped with interactive white boards and document cameras. All teachers and students have access to one of three laptop carts, allowing for a one-to-one computing experience as needed.

The school maintains a Computer Center where students attend weekly classes in small groups. These classes allow students to progressively develop the necessary skills to productively use computers in all subjects. Students have the opportunity to use desktop publishing tools, spreadsheets, graphics programs, and multi-media/video authoring tools. Classes in the Computer Center are also utilized to introduce and teach coding beginning in the second grade. Enrichment courses in grades sixth through eight allow students to more deeply explore areas of interest including, coding, digital art, 3D printing, and stop-motion video.