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A message from Food For Thought Catering:

Dear Parents, Students and Staff,
Food For Thought Catering carefully prepares and delivers tasty, healthy meals with nutritional emphasis to schools within Northern California. We are proud to be the provider of meals to your children and it shows in the quality of each meal. The staff of Food For Thought Catering are very pleased to be the caretakers of your student’s lunch needs and take that responsibility very seriously. We take painstaking pride in the food we serve and the menu preparation so that your child is receiving a well balanced, nutritious and great tasting meal. Having made over 4,500,000 meals over the last 22 years for the communities within Contra Costa, Alameda, Marin, Sacramento and Solano Counties, we are full prepared for school lunches for your child. We have always prided ourselves in providing the best quality foods at a reasonable price.

Our commitment to giving our children a better planet begins with organic produce and fruits, biocompostable packaging, grass fed beef and free range/hormone free chicken breasts. It continues with making meals the way your mother did, from scratch. Not frozen, not processed!! That means our meals are made without chemicals, preservatives or Trans fats. Our meals are made fresh each morning, not a day ahead, so they provide the best possible taste and texture.  We provide 12+ meal choices each day. Our menu is diverse, has vegetarian options and each meal choice is provided with nutritional and allergen info. Parents have until 9am the day before service to make an order, so if you want lunch on Monday, order before 9am on Sunday. We are reachable by phone from 5am until 10pm, 7 days a week if the need arises.

Food For Thought Catering began in 1995 with a dream (yes, an actual dream) that we could provide meals to customers in offices that would enlighten their palates while protecting their paycheck. I started the company 2 weeks later and it was an instant success. The children’s lunch program began 10 years ago when I saw what was being fed to school age children. I knew we could provide better quality meals and make it easy for parents to choose from a large selection. By partnering with local, sustainable, healthy providers, we set the standard for other lunch companies to follow. By making each meal the day of service, we stand out as the only Bay Area School Lunch Catering company that practices these principals. The ability to order up until 9pm the night before shows we care about your needs to have us serve your child a lunch at a moments notice.

If you ever wish to speak with us, please call us directly at (925) 876-3150 and we’ll be happy to provide any assistance needed. Thank you for the opportunity to be your new provider of great meals.

Food Allergies:   We are sensitive to the special needs of children with life threatening food allergies. No tree nut (e.g. walnuts, almonds, cashews, pine nuts, etc.) or peanut products (including butters or oils) are used in our lunches. We are so adamant about this that they aren’t even allowed in our facilities.

Questions or Comments:  Please call us at (925) 876-3150 or send us an email at if you have any questions or comments.

Michael and Denise Lewis