Physical Education & Athletics

The goal of the physical education department is to instill in each student an appreciation of exercise, or movement, as a lifetime activity. Lessons are planned to promote a positive self-image, while consistently reinforcing the concepts of sportsmanship and fair play. Stretching and endurance exercises are an important part of daily physical education classes at every grade level. The K–3 curriculum includes units emphasizing motor skills appropriate to the developmental level of the students. The 4–8 curriculum focuses on individual, partner, and team sports. Skills are taught progressively so that by the eighth grade, students have been exposed to advanced techniques and strategies. Each year students are introduced to new activities and equipment to enhance learning. All students also participate in the MTS Physical Fitness Program.

The athletic facilities include a large gymnasium with two permanent and two portable basketball hoops, a volleyball court, and a premier climbing wall. The outdoor space includes a large multi-use field with a regulation running long jump pit, a blacktop area with a full basketball court, and a state-of-the-art play structure. 

Physical Education & Athletics Faculty