BizWorld Girlpreneur Competition at Fort Mason!

On October, 15th BizWorld hosted their own version of Shark Tank for girl entrepreneurs. Girls with a good idea and/or a budding business came together to pitch their ideas before a panel of successful entrepreneurs, including Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban.

Mount Tamalpais School’s, June Bernstein (8th grade), along with her sisters, Ginger and Holly, wowed the judges with an impressive presentation highlighting their company “MySelf”. The girls realized there was a need for younger kids to remember to do their chores and  invented a shelf and a bracelet, helping to remind kids to brush their teeth, feed their pet, do their homework, and complete important tasks. The girls also created some kid (and environmentally) friendly products that make tasks a bit more fun for kids. Included in their product line is a natural toothpaste kit that allows kids to create their own flavors, a small hand cleansing kit which doesn’t use harsh antibacterials, and a natural sunscreen. The judges were impressed that the girls had performed door to door market research to determine what type of items were needed and had already sold $200 worth of product!

Congratulations to the Bernstein Girls, for a job well done!