Social Emotional Learning

Students must navigate ever changing and complex social pathways between kindergarten and 8th grade. For some, forming strong bonds comes naturally, while, for others, it can be more challenging. With these differences and challenges in mind, MTS teachers have been trained in age appropriate social emotional learning programs that strengthen our grade level classroom communities. This training will help our teachers foster strong home/school communication and partnerships, and empower our students to advocate for themselves while caring for others.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is more than a fancy phrase for how children learn to manage emotions, feel empathy for others, and create healthy, positive relationships. SEL plays a critical role in student success. With this in mind we provide a helping hand to guide the way. In kindergarten through 5th grade we start each day with a 30-minute block for morning greetings and activities based on the Responsive Classroom model. In grades 6 through 8 students meet in advisory groups of eight to twelve students Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. These groups use the middle school program Developmental Design as the foundation for their morning meeting activities and discussions.

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