Middle School

Welcome to Middle School at MTS, where lifelong learners of all ages collaborate in a shared mission; to produce students who are well-prepared and young at heart.

A mission that begins and ends with the development of knowledge and goodness within an academically inspiring and nurturing environment. A mission that drives academic curiosity, passion, empathy, and joy in our students as they prepare for High School and beyond.

Middle School is a journey of increased independence and support, bookended by signature events that preserve, mature, and celebrate our students’ joy of learning. At MTS, we cultivate academic growth through hard work, perseverance, and challenge. We are committed to developing conscientious students, who possess an awareness of their responsibility to others, as well as an understanding of, and appreciation for diversity in all of its forms. 

The relationships between the members of our community remain an integral part of the MTS Middle School Experience. We welcome everyone to authentically participate, and help us build an environment driven by our core values: kindness, integrity, respect, and self-reliance. Our student-centered curriculum cultivates creativity and choice, while also nurturing skill development, critical thinking, and personal growth.

Middle School at MTS focuses on the development of our students by balancing traditional values with innovative teaching methods overseen by our exceptional Middle School faculty. Mount Tamalpais School develops middle school students of conscience, who are prepared academically, socially, and culturally to lead and serve an increasingly complex and changing world. 

I invite you to come see for yourself what makes our Middle School so unique.


Nick Wilsey

Head of Middle School


Nick Wilsey

Head of Middle School

The Defining Years of Middle School

In today's hurry up and grow up era, children can lose some of their childhood – and the emotional growth that comes with it. That's why Mount Tamalpais School strives to provide more than just a robust, well-rounded academic curriculum. Our K-8 environment champions goodness as much as knowledge – and empowers kids to defy distractions and social pressure and embrace their unique identity and interests.


Selective Technology

Where Technology is Intentional

With a smart-phone in the pocket and iPad on the desk, today's middle school students are asked to be "on" and public 24/7. At MTS, our middle school students get a break from this each school day, as our technology use is intentionalnot ubiquitous. Student cell phones are never permitted to be out on campus— if they have a phone, it is powered down in their backpack. 

We Keep Kids Young

Growing Up Isn't About Hurrying Up

MTS graduates have a mature innocence and are confident without being cocky. We believe that our small size, our close student-teacher relationships, and opportunities for the oldest students to connect with our youngest students in meaningful ways helps our students grow up without hurrying up.

Uniforms Help

Critique Literature, Not Outfits

An 8th grade student once said to our Head of School, "We love to complain about the uniforms, but we actually really like them." Our uniform allows our students to focus on what is important- knowledge and goodness. Students are quicker to see the person rather than the brand labels they are wearing.