Lower School

It's my pleasure to welcome you to MTS, an educational community committed to developing the joy of learning within all students.

From the moment I stepped onto the MTS campus, the words of the Mission could be seen, heard, and felt. It is a place filled with caring, confident students, and endless expressions of love, wonder, and delight from students eager to share their ideas and discoveries, from engineering and robotics, to a vegetable from the garden, and so much more. After a single day at MTS, my cheeks were sore from smiling!

Beginning in kindergarten, teacher experts employ a research-based curriculum that is consistently refined to champion the growth of each individual student. With an emphasis on Social-Emotional Learning, Project Based Learning, and purposeful technology integration, MTS develops students who are well prepared for their future while remaining young at heart.

Lower School is a special chapter in the life of a child and their family, encompassing kindergarten through fifth grade at MTS. We strive to create an environment where all students feel welcome, safe and valued as their authentic selves. Together, students and teachers engage in building academic prowess and establishing foundations that fuel lifelong learning and the confident pursuit of big dreams.

During these Lower School years, we see knowledge and skills flourish in young students. It’s an exciting time where curiosity abounds. Students are encouraged to ask big questions and dive into research, guided by a rigorous curriculum that also values play and the intrinsic joys of childhood.

At MTS, we seek to instill students with both knowledge and goodness. Recognizing the need for justice in our local and global community, at MTS we are actively pursuing the work of raising anti-racists by applying a lens of equity and inclusion throughout our Lower School curriculum. At MTS, we respect and value diversity as a community strength and a vital component to preparing students for their future and fulfilling the words of our Mission.

In Lower School, we cherish the moments, celebrate the journey, and seek the future. I hope you will take some time to explore our website and then come visit us on our beautiful campus to experience our MTS Lower School community too!

Your Partner in Education,

Meagan Andrews

Head of Lower School

Meagan Andrews

Head of Lower School

Group of lower school students on the playground
Lower School Boys
Meagan Andrews with Kindergarteners
MTS student running across campus
Meagan Andrews hugging Kindergarteners
Lower School teaching

It All Begins with Lower School

Mount Tamalpais School delivers a K-8 education that goes beyond the expected. With academics led by passionate educators who specialize in the subjects they teach, and arts and athletics programs that are second to none, our students are "all in" all day long. Our profound commitment to nurturing our students' emotional development and supporting their unique identities and interests lays the foundation for success and happiness not just today, but throughout life.