Kindergarten students show %22snap words%22 in Humanities class

The humanities program at MTS gives students an opportunity to discover the cultural richness of our world while promoting values of personal and social responsibility. By celebrating differences and recognizing similarities, students learn to look beyond themselves and value the contributions and perspectives of others.

Lower School girl smiles at another student across the table in class.

In the younger grades, we focus on the individual, familial, and local community, and gradually expand to the study of California, America, world history and geography. As students mature, the curriculum evolves into a broader view of global culture and more nuanced historical perspective. Critical thinking and study skills are emphasized to better understand the past, present, and future.

Across all grade levels, we use a variety of methods to introduce, explore, enhance, and reinforce content. These include discussion, role-play, reading source material and related literature, debate, lecture, art and music activities, and field trips. Through individual and small-group work, students are encouraged to take initiative and responsibility for their own learning. 

Scroll down to read about our humanities program by grade, and explore project highlights from Lower School and Middle School.


Humanities by Grade

Humanities Project Highlights