Departmentalized Instruction

Mount Tamalpais School provides students with a solid academic, artistic, and athletic foundation to foster genuine enthusiasm for lifelong learning. Our departmentalized curriculum is structured so that teachers specialize in their particular areas of expertise and teach their subject(s) at various grade levels, often in both the lower and upper school. This translates to a deeper and richer student experience as they interact with a variety of teachers on a daily basis and have the opportunity to learn with all of the faculty throughout their time at MTS. We feel this develops an independence and maturity within the students, while allowing for deeper connection to the faculty and curriculum.

Our curriculum builds, with information, skills, and concepts cycled through the grades at progressively higher levels. Most classes meet in small instructional groups that promote interaction and collaborative learning, while fostering problem-solving skills and opportunities for discussion. Students physically change classes during the school day, giving them freedom, motion, time for socialization, and a chance to switch gears as they change their area of focus. Flexibility within the schedule provides for a number of double-block classes; teachers can trade time if needed to accommodate special projects or activities.

Integrated Arts & Athletics

At MTS, arts and athletics are co-curricular rather than extra curricular. Studio art, art history, drama, music, PE, and dance are not add-ons in the week, but integral to the overall program. Technology, research, health, and study skills are also woven into the program. Character development, with an emphasis on values, is a hallmark of the student experience at MTS. Great emphasis is placed on the moral, emotional, social, and physical development of each child. 

The school's extensive physical education program addresses the age-appropriate physical development of each student in classes which meet five or more times per week for kindergarten–grade 5 and a minimum of three times a week in 6–8 grades.