Introducing Our New School Counselor

Greetings Parents/Guardians/MTS Families!

It is with great pleasure that I join the professional community here at MTS! I am looking forward to meeting each and every one of your children and intend on developing supportive and caring connections with them.  

My Experience

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and have over 12 years of experience as a school counselor. I have worked at both parochial and independent schools. My responsibilities have included meeting with students individually, leading small group discussions, and creating and facilitating SEL lessons for grades K-8. In the past, I worked to create collaborative relationships, offered support, and consulted with parents and teachers in order to help children gain the skills they need to be productive learners and happy, connected students. I have had the opportunity to lead parent night discussions and a parent SEL book club. In addition, I have had a private practice in San Francisco since 2010 and work with individuals, couples, children, and adolescents. I have two children who attend school in San Francisco. My son, Aaron is in 6th grade and my daughter, Isla is in 4th grade.  

Transitioning to MTS

I had the pleasure of meeting Liz Hayman, MTS’s former school counselor, at the end of the 2018-2019 school year. We collaborated before her departure to create a plan to make the counselor transition as seamless as possible for the professional community, students, and parents.

As a part of my transition to MTS, I have been observing classrooms to become familiar with the students and to get a sense of the departmentalized curriculum in action. I have introduced myself in each classroom, and I am working with teachers to implement SEL lessons on a regular basis throughout the school year for grades K-8. My goal is to be available for students during recess and lunch. I am in the process of working on additional ways to offer general support to students and parents at MTS.  


Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is vital in helping children learn the skills they need to navigate social and academic landscapes. SEL helps students effectively deal with feelings so that emotions or interpersonal conflicts do not prohibit learning. Students develop skills such as empathy, accountability, resiliency, flexibility, and self-efficacy. My goal is to help students grow over time into skilled communicators, resolve problems peacefully, and develop the capacity to view others through a lens of compassion and understanding. I would like students to learn that mistakes are opportunities for growth – when a mistake is made, self-reflection, repair, and the ability to try a new approach to resolving a conflict (internal or interpersonal) are needed. By learning these skills early, your children will be laying the foundation to self-awareness and social connection, which will benefit them for their entire lives.

Who I Help

Some of the students I see:

  • have difficulties developing or navigating friendships
  • could use extra support to process a family crisis such as a divorce, death, illness
  • need tools to cope with feelings that are impacting their ability to focus (anxiety, stress, sadness)
  • need guidance managing transitions (new to MTS, middle school transition, transition to high school, transitions with family structure or living situations)

Final Thought

As a final thought, I have really enjoyed meeting your children. The manner in which they have embraced me from the very beginning is remarkable. It speaks to the community here at MTS, the work Liz did to build relationships with you and your children, and your hard work and dedication in raising wonderful human beings!  

I would love for you to reach out at any time. You can contact me by phone 415-483-9434 ext 201 or by email I am at at MTS on Mondays 10-3 pm; Tuesdays 10:30-4:40; and Fridays 8-3 pm.  

I look forward to serving the MTS community.


Melodie Del Rio
School Counselor





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