Bringing Math Home

Making Math an Integral Part of Your Family Life

Math is fun! Math is everywhere!  Math is a subject for curiosity, discussion, and growth. Creating opportunities to connect with math at home is important to help foster a relaxed dialogue about math, to provide real-life math experiences, and to decrease math anxiety for children and adults. Here are some links to ideas to help make math an integral part of your family life:

Bedtime Math - Bedtime Math was created to help make math a part of the family routine. The website includes a daily math fact and riddle, bedtime math stories, and more.

Math Read Alouds - This website lists books by mathematical content.

Puzzles - Logic Puzzles, Sudoku, Number Puzzles or Dots and Boxes

Cooking - Cooks of All Ages: How Kids Can Help in the Kitchen

Board Games - Here are some links to Amazon for grade appropriate games.

Ghost Blitz Board Game
Grades 2-4
Tower of Hanoi Logic Puzzle 
SET: The Family Game of Visual Perception(also great for older - including adults)
Shape Logic Board Game
Chocolate Fix
Senet Game - An Ancient Egyptian Board Game
Any age:
Dimension: The Spherical Stackable Fast Paced Puzzle Game
Geometiles 3D Building Set for Learning Math
Magnetic Go Game Set
Battle Sheep Game