Project-Based Learning, Ancient World History, & The Archaeological Dig

understanding cultures and ancient history in Nancy's 6th Grade Social Studies Class

While we are continually looking for ways to evolve our curriculum, some class projects are too good to give up. A case in point is Nancy's 6th grade social studies "Archaeological Dig Project." Project-based learning at its best, this ancient world history lesson has students develop an understanding of different cultures and the way that humans construct history from incomplete data by creating and deciphering their own invented civilizations. 

The project has such long-lasting impact, that it inspired MTS Alum (1986), Justin Wells, to launch a life-long career in education, as well as become an expert in and write a book on project-based learning. In a book he recently co-authored, Transforming Schools: Using Project-Based Learning, Performance Assessment, and Common Core Standards, the authors describe the project in detail. Read the following excerpt from the book below to learn more about the project.