STEM Fest 2018

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We all had so much fun at our inaugural STEM Fest 2018! Children from preschool to third grades explored Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math stations in different rooms across campus. From looking at the moon through a telescope in the observatory to programming robots, there was something for everyone. Students filled up their event “Passports” and received STEM Toolkits to continue their explorations at home. Many thanks to everyone who came out and to the MTS staff and volunteers who made it happen! Enjoy a brief overview of the STEM activity stations and photos from the event below.


Students looked closely at microscopic life, explored optical illusions, and learned how to make homemade harmonicas.


Our technology stations allowed students to experience the fundamentals of programming through problem solving and logic. Students created sequences of commands using Osmo Coding with iPads and physical blocks to run computer games and direct robots’ movements.


Students were given engineering challenges to experience the design process.


What better way to learn math than making it fun through games? We set up a variety of games to engage students with math. Many of these games can be done at home as well. Here is short video that introduces “Pig,” a dice game that is popular in MTS math classes. You can make it more complex by playing with two dice, multiplying the two numbers rolled, and adding it to the previous number. We have also put together a list of commercially available games that develop mathematical thinking and are fun for the whole family.

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