Fifth Grade

Please review SuppliesSummer Reading, & Outdoor Education


  • MTS book bag: blue or red (purchase through MTS Office)
  • 1 Pencil/pen pouch with zipper (sturdy)
  • 1 Extra pencil/pen pouch with zipper (sturdy)
  • 12 #2 sharpened pencils
  • 1 set colored pencils - 12-16 sharpened, “Twistables”
  • 3 Dark blue or black erasable pens
  • 1 pack broad tip felt pens - set of 8 classic colors
  • 1 pack narrow tip felt pens – set of 8 classic colors
  • 1 red ballpoint pen
  • 3 Highlighter pens (no metallic or permanent pens)
  • 4-6 Book covers (non sticky) for all hard cover books
  • 3 Folders with two pockets
  • 5 1 inch binders each with 5 dividers each
  • 2 packages binder paper – white, college ruled 8 ½” x 11”
  • Spiral bound notebook 8 1/2” x 11”
  • 2 large Erasers
  • 1 pack Graph Paper
  • For home use: protractor, compass, metric/standard ruler

* MTS is pre-registered in the Office Depot Give-Back Program. When parents, teachers and students purchase school supplies at any Office Depot, 5% of all qualifying items will be tallied toward a merchandise credit for MTS. Our school ID# is: 70010829.

* In an effort to reduce the weight of supplies to be carried by our students, we request that no large binders be brought to school.

* Please label all supplies with student’s name or initials. If you have any questions about school supplies, please contact the front office.


Dear MTS Families,

Summer is upon us. What a great year it has been! I have loved getting to know your children and following their reading adventures. With that said, reading is an important part of everyday life. Just because it is summer, students should not put their books away! The more students read, the better readers they will be. I am strongly encouraging all students to sign up at their local public libraries and participate in the summer reading programs. I might even give prizes to those students who bring in their summer reading lists to me when we resume school in August. The summer reading programs are loads of fun, with some great prizes and fabulous programming. The teen programs are also wonderful opportunities.

Attached is my list by grade levels, and for the middle school grades it is based on content. I always like to tell parents that if you are unsure about a book, check Amazon for the School Library Journal review. They are usually very spot on for very age appropriate material. 

While this list is not complete, I put many of my favorites that I recommend and I have also included new books for 2017 as well. I will be busy myself, reading and keeping up with your children this summer with my own reading list. 

Many Public libraries will also have reading lists. I will be happy to help with personalized reading lists over the summer and will be available by email July 1st. I’m always happy to hear from my readers. 

Here are the links to the public libraries. I’m encouraging all students to get their own library cards. 
Marin Country Public Free Library :
San Francisco Public Library:

If you are going to purchase books, Book Passage is a wonderful bookstore to support and please don’t forget to mention MTS, our school code is 30, and we will receive a rebate for all purchases towards new purchases in the fall. Books, Inc in the city is also a great bookstore with wonderful book clubs and events for students in the intermediate grades. 

I hope you find this list helpful. We hope you and your family will read many stories this summer and reap all of the wonderful benefits that reading has to offer! Have a wonderful and restful summer!

Lisa Levin
MTS Librarian

5th grade summer reading list

Summer Reading: 5th Grade Humanities

The purpose of summer reading is to continue to build students’ reading stamina, fluency, and literacy. To support these goals, we require that all rising 5th graders read at least two books they have not already read ( Wonder is required).

Required Reading:

●  Wonder by R.J. Palacio (author) [ISBN 0337869026]

●  One free choice novel from the MTS Summer Reading List

Please bring your copy of Wonder to school; we will be completing a project regarding the book during the first few weeks of school. In addition, know the title and author of the free choice book that you read. You will not be expected to know the fine-grained plot details of your free choice book, but you should know the major characters and general storyline. 

5th Outdoor Education

Students will spend three days at the Marin Headlands located just north of San Francisco from May 2-4, 2018.  The Headlands Institute is a private non-profit organization dedicated to teaching science and environmental education in nature’s classroom.  Students will explore the coastal hills, ponds, and tide-pools discovering how humans influenced the vast natural resources of the area.