Author Elizabeth Hunt Guides Students in Story Writing

Elizabeth Singer Hunt is the author of twenty adventure and spy books for children including the award-winning Jack Stalwart series. In these popular chapter books, Secret Agent Jack Stalwart tracks down elephant tusk poachers, rescues pandas against evil gangs, and defeats deadly pirates to retrieve valuable treasure. Hunt recently published a book titled Secret Agent Training Manual that teaches kids how to write and decipher top secret spy messages. She was raised near New Orleans, and has lived in Boston, New York City, San Francisco, and England. She loves meeting with children, parents, and teachers on her frequent travels to promote her books and tell Jack’s stories, and we greatly enjoyed her visit to Mount Tamalpais School!


Elizabeth Hunt visited MTS students in the 2nd and 3rd grades. She talked about her books and her process and then led the class through the steps of writing a secret agent story. She outlined 5 main components for a story: 1) a secret agent hero (name and who she/he/it was and special power), 2) the villain, 3) the mission of the villain, 4) the setting for the story, and 5) what gadgets the hero would use. Students spent time thinking about their story outlines, and several students shared their ideas and others asked questions. With their outlines in hand, the students are now writing their secret agent stories in English class with Rachael and Aileen’s guidance.

Elizabeth Singer Hunt's author visit was made possible through Book Passage. We are very fortunate to partner with Book Passage for author events. The percentage of book sales at Book Passage that comes back to the School (don't forget to mention Mount Tamalpais School at the register when buying books there) made this free author event possible. We look forward to more of author visits and Book Passage events in the future.

If your child is interested, we have all of Hunt’s books available for check out in the library.