Volunteer Spotlight



Parent of: Maya (6th grade)
Lives in: Stinson Beach
Profession: Music Distribution Business Executive

Volunteers for:
Grandparents Tea - set up
- Art Room - support
- Commencement/Graduation - set up
- Auction Database - Entry/updating
- 4th/5th Grade Plays - set construction/strike
- Balclutha Outdoor Ed trip

Favorite MTS volunteering experience:
Volunteering for the plays has been my favorite as though it was a profession. (I used to be involved through the local union in SF.) It's a great way to meet and bond with other parents on amazing production projects.

What have you gained from the experience?
Getting to know the staff better and seeing how they interact with the kids has given
me a closer connection to the school and my daughter’s daily environment.


Jenny Orser

Parent of: Chase (6th grade), Honey (8th grade)
Lives in: San Francisco
Profession: VP of Marketing & E-commerce

Volunteers for:
Lunch Duty
- Library Duty
- Back to School Party Host
- Green Committee
- Spirit Wear

Favorite MTS volunteering experience:
I love all of them. The Green Committee is probably my favorite because I have a faculty counterpart in Kevin, and it incorporates so many touch points both within the School and with our greater community. We started with the basics - getting composting and recycling bins at school. Now in year 3, we have some exciting programming coming up in conjunction with Earth Day. Did you notice we only had paper straws at the School Picnic? ;) More to come!

What have you gained from the experience? We joined MTS when the girls were in 1st and 3rd grade. It was a different time, and it was intimidating to try and figure out where to jump in. I wanted to find something I could do that would open the door to getting to know other families and that I could balance with my work schedule. By signing up for different committees and tasks I wound up getting to know lots of parents as well as faculty and staff. I highly recommend mixing up your volunteer effort. Then I started coming to the Parent Association meetings and that was the best place to get a sense of all the things that are going on at school and all the ways to help. I would absolutely encourage people to join those meetings whenever they can, and I would tell them it’s ok if you can’t make it to every single one. The School really welcomes all volunteer efforts – there is a place and a way for everyone to contribute. The people who appreciate it the most, though, are the children – they are so proud when their parents are helping out with school – they just love it. One of the many special things about MTS is how close knit our community is, and volunteering really was a bridge for me to be a bigger part of my children’s school experience.


Andrew McMillan

Parent of: Margo (3rd grade), Arla (5th grade), and Brooks (5th grade)
Lives in: Tiburon
Profession: I am a full-time dad and a part-time after school program director, teaching golf through TGA around Marin.

Volunteers for:
Lunch, Art Room, Library, Hospitality Chair, School Raffle Committee, Annual Fund Class Captain, Teaching After-School Golf, Field Trip Driver and Chaperone, Mystery Reader, 4th & 5th Grade Play (set up and tear down), Grandparents Tea (set up and tear down), Graduation (set up)

Favorite MTS volunteering experience: My favorite volunteering experience has been in the the art room. To me it’s been wonderful because I get to interact with the students in several different grades and see them engaged in all the various creative projects throughout the year.

What have you gained from the experience? Since I have been volunteering at MTS, I have gained a deeper connection to the School and a greater appreciation of the tireless commitment and dedication the teachers and staff have to the MTS mission of education and personal development. I am also constantly awed by the MTS community as a whole and feel exceptionally lucky and thankful to be a part of it. For me, volunteering is a small way to show my appreciation and give back to the MTS community and to also help the amazing teachers and staff who care for and nurture our kids every day.