Message from Andrew, Head of School


I am thrilled to introduce you to Mt. Tamalpais School.  As Head of School, we celebrate over 40 years of excellence.  We are proud of our past and excited about our future.

We are a school that lives our mission—the development of knowledge and goodness within children in an academically inspiring and nurturing environment.  As I look around our campus, I am struck by four things:

1.    Teachers who teach what they love.  MTS is one of few schools that is departmentalized throughout grades K-8, allowing a passionate historian to teach history and a math-lover to teach math.

2.    A phenomenal commitment to the artistic and athletic development of each child.  The athlete delivers lines on the stage with gusto, the artist jumps higher than she thought possible on the basketball court, and every child discovers new talents and passions.

3.    Students that are simultaneously young and old.  Our commitment to values and community traditions such as the “Buddy Bear” program preserve childhood throughout the nine years of education.  The vigorous academic and co-curricular program manifests itself in graduates who are well prepared for high school and known for being good people.

4.    The strength of the MTS community.  With department-specific educators teaching students at multiple points throughout a student’s career, all of our teachers truly know—not just by name—all of our students.  These community bonds extend to the parent and alumni community.  If you are part of MTS, you care about MTS and MTS cares for you.

I encourage you to come meet the students, faculty, and staff at Mount Tamalpais School and see our beautiful campus. Experience the magic of scientists teaching science, the beauty of students who wear uniforms and call teachers by their first names, and the respectful confidence of an eighth grade student who embodies knowledge and goodness.

I look forward to meeting you in person and welcoming you to our wonderful community!

Andrew P. Davis


Head of School

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