Recommendations for Fun Math Games

What can children do to keep their math brains engaged and practice social interaction during time away from school? How about some hands-on, low-tech board games! Why board games? They are FUN and provide opportunities for families and friends to play and learn together. Games give children the opportunity to exercise collaboration skills and practice how to win and lose with grace and good manners. Playing games builds critical thinking and creative problem solving skills such as planning ahead and predicting outcomes of alternative moves, detecting patterns, logical reasoning, learning from successes and mistakes, and persevering through challenge. You can help improve metacognition in your children by asking them to explain their tactics and the tactics they see others using. Games are such powerful tools in building strong and flexible thinkers. The following is a list of links to games that will tap into and further develop critical thinking skills.

Ghost Blitz Board Game

Grades 2-4
Tower of Hanoi Logic Puzzle 
SET: The Family Game of Visual Perception(also great for older children and adults)
Shape Logic Board Game
Chocolate Fix
Senet Game - An Ancient Egyptian Board Game

Any age:
Dimension: The Spherical Stackable Fast Paced Puzzle Game
Geometiles 3D Building Set for Learning Math
Magnetic Go Game Set
Battle Sheep Game