Lower School at Mount Tamalpais School

Mount Tamalpais School delivers a K-8 education that goes beyond the expected. With academics led by passionate educators who specialize in the subjects they teach, and arts and athletics programs that are second to none, our students are "all in" all day long. Our profound commitment to nurturing our students' emotional development and supporting their unique identities and interests lays the foundation for success and happiness not just today, but throughout life.

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The first line of our mission statement calls for developing kindness and goodness within children. How do we do this? Through Morning Meeting each day in homeroom, Buddy Bear relationships between younger and older students, small class sizes, and long-term, close relationships with teachers. We give our students the tools to be authentic, to look people in the eye, and to be kind. 

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The MTS program challenges and engages our eager, bright students. Building on a robust literacy and numeracy foundation, we add dedicated science, engineering, arts, and physical education classes. Joy – evident in smiles, laughter, and intrinsic motivation – runs throughout all of these rigorous courses. The result? A vigorous Lower School education. Challenging, engaging, rewarding, and, quite often, fun.

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Many schools save learning from experts for middle or high school. We start it right from the beginning. Our passionate teachers specialize in their subject area and teach that subject all day long. The result? Student excitement for each subject – each teacher’s passion for what they teach is contagious – and a deeper, richer understanding of the how and why that only an expert can communicate. Students move every 40-80 minutes from classroom to classroom. Fresh air and a new face keeps our students stay engaged and excited throughout the day.

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Traditional and innovative

With students wearing uniforms, middle schoolers writing essays guided by strong thesis statements, and value placed on saying please and thank you, MTS is, in many ways, a traditional school. That said, tradition does not slow innovation at MTS. We teach design thinking and coding to our youngest students. We intentionally blend technology into our core English and Math classes. Project-based learning allows our students to demonstrate their understanding in ways other than a test or essay. Simply put, this is how tradition meets tomorrow. 

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LOwer school STEM

At MTS we appreciate that STEM is more than an acronym. Our students will live and work in a world where success depends on a mastery of the skills and mindset of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This is why we teach each of those subjects starting in Kindergarten. Learn more about our Lower School STEM program in a recent blog post.

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