Technology use at MTS takes a selective & intentional approach.

Technology is an integral part of life at MTS and is embedded throughout the curriculum. Technology use at MTS is intentional, and used to support learning, demonstrate understanding, and express creativity. We focus on developing skills that allow students to use devices to access information, derive meaning, and construct knowledge.They learn essential systems and platforms that support reading assessment, math skill development, and problem solving. Students also have opportunities to more deeply explore areas of interest including coding, digital art and photography, and 3D printing. 


Digital Well-Being

While gaining an understanding of technology is imperative in the modern world, we also recognize the challenges and concerns around overuse of technology for our youth.

As part of our MTS Into Action Strategic Plan, we aim to “actively nourish the mental, physical, and emotional needs that allow individuals and the collective to thrive,” and it is our priority to help support our students and families to develop a healthy relationship with technology for the well being of all members of the community.  

Digital well-being will be a throughline in the 2023-24 school year. We will be hosting Parent/Guardian and Family events during three Digital Well-Being Weeks. Concurrently, digital well-being and citizenship will be the primary focus in homeroom and advisory meetings. We have also published Family Technology Guidelines that are meant to provide community norms that help families develop and follow rules that align with other MTS families. Finally, we plan to review our use of educational technology and its alignment in a K-8 scope and sequence. 

Technology Staff

Mike Taverna

Director of Technology