The MTS Rappaport Library Learning Center’s mission is to promote a lifelong love of reading and learning. Students are taught to locate, identify, and select resources and, most importantly, become independent library users. They apply reference and research skills in retrieving information and ideas, including electronic databases and Internet sources.

The library is one of the first places our students stop when they arrive in the morning. Lisa Levin, our librarian, aims to spark a love of reading in her students, and she is passionate about matching each student with a book that will inspire and engage them. She works closely with teachers and collaborates with them across the curriculum.

Lisa Levin, MTS Librarian

Lisa Levin


The Collection

The 16,000 book collection includes children’s picture books, Early Readers, Beginning Chapter Books, Fiction, Young Adult books, curriculum-based Non-Fiction books, Biographies, Professional Resources and Parenting books. Children's books encourage young readers to use their imagination, expand their vocabulary, and gain a better understanding of themselves and others. Our collection reflects diversity in the world, so children can learn to respect not only their own cultural groups, but also those of others.

The Rappaport Library Learning Center has a dedicated parent volunteer staff, which is crucial to the library’s day-to-day operation.

Librarian Lisa Levin with teacher Megan Kuykendall holding up books from the library

Stinson, The Reading Dog

Stinson's Bio - written by Tessa in 4th Grade

What I do?
I am a library dog. I also do deep pressure therapy. 
How long have I been at MTS?
I have been working at MTS for almost a year.
What I like to do?
I like to read with students and get belly rubs.
My favorite MTS tradition?
Is hanging out with students. 

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