The MTS Rappaport Learning Center is guided by a mission to promote a lifelong love of reading and learning while preparing students to become the best learners they can be. The library guides independent learners to develop an appreciation and understanding of literature as well as a deep value for books. Students learn how to locate, identify, and select resources and, most importantly, become independent library users. Students apply reference and research skills in retrieving information and ideas, including electronic databases and Internet sources. Students receive instruction in information literacy, which helps prepare them for the challenges of living in a technology-rich society. 

The library is one of the first places our students stop when they arrive in the mornings, starting at 7:30 am. Our librarian thrives on inspiring a love of reading in her students and is happy to assist them with grade level book lists and reading lists. She works closely with the teachers and collaborates with them across the curriculum.

The 20,000 book collection includes children’s easy fiction books (picture books), early readers, Junior Fiction, Young Adult books, references books, curriculum-based non-fiction books, biographies, professional and parenting resource books, a DVD collection and an audio collection. Children's books encourage children to use their imagination, expand their vocabulary, and gain a better understanding of themselves and others. It is important for books to reflect the diverse groups of people in the world around them so that children can learn to respect not only their own cultural groups, but also the cultural groups of others.

Kindergarten–sixth grade students visit the library weekly. Kindergarten–fourth grade students check out books and receive library skills instruction. They learn how to find appropriate reading level books and are encouraged to embrace and enjoy different reading genres. Fourth–sixth grade students visit the library for instruction in information literacy, research strategies, literature sharing, book selection, book talks, and effective research.

The Rappaport Library Learning Center has a very dedicated parent volunteer staff, which is a crucial aspect of the library’s day-to-day operation. There is also a wonderful Birthday Book Program that enhances literacy and helps to build the collection through donations. 

MTS Librarian