Student Support

Mount Tamalpais School offers many types of academic support and advising services. The school partners with families to help students find success in the challenging MTS program. However, we do not offer a specialized program for students with significant learning differences or emotional challenges. Our learning specialists provide screening, direct instruction, and consultation with faculty, parents, and outside professionals. Students are identified and referred to the Learning Support Program based on their screening results, observations in the classroom, and teacher recommendations. The learning specialists provide four key components of support:

Student Support

  • Small group remedial instruction in language arts skills for first through fifth grade

  • Small group and individual support for executive function difficulties, habits of mind coaching, and explanation of individual learning profiles for middle school students

Curricular and Teacher Support

  • Curricular design and support for teachers

  • Classroom observation and teacher collaboration

  • Assistance to classroom teachers regarding specific strategies, accommodations, and modifications


  • Screen the entire first grade to ensure foundational language and motor skills are on track and determine appropriate supports for students as needed

  • In-depth screening of students on an individual basis with parental consent

  • As needed informal screening of specific skills

Case Management

  • Maintain and share records of student evaluations and current outside support as well as successful interventions and strategies for individual students

  • Ensure teachers have current information about individual student needs

  • Consult with and provide resources to parents

  • Provide referrals for comprehensive evaluations and outside specialists including: Educational Psychologists, Educational Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Pathologists, Developmental Optometrists, Social Skills Professionals, Audiologists, Counselors, and Academic Tutors


  • We have a part-time counselor who works with whole classes, small groups, and individuals. The counselor is a partner to teachers and parents in helping on a wide range of social-emotional topics.

Learning Support Faculty