The English Department focuses on reading, writing, thinking, and speaking skills. Students in all grades read, discuss, and respond in writing to various forms of literature, while concurrently generating creative and expository writing. Through this process, they become familiar with the basic components of stories, poems, and other literary forms, develop vocabulary, and learn to express themselves effectively in writing. All language arts and English courses emphasize reading comprehension, grammatical and mechanical concepts, proofreading and revision skills, process writing, and general organization and study techniques.

English teachers specifically adapt teaching techniques, materials, and skills to the developmental needs and abilities of students. Working in teams of two or three, elementary teachers have the flexibility to use whole-group, small-group, and one-on-one instruction, depending on the lesson or activity. Regular department meetings and professional development opportunities allow faculty members to coordinate and develop curriculum consistently and effectively. Detailed reading, writing, and grammar continuums enable teachers to track each student’s progress and development through the grades.

In addition to a variety of textbooks, manipulatives, games, workbooks, novels, and other instructional materials, MTS students have access to classroom computer labs and laptop computers. As students progress through the grades, they use these resources more frequently for in-class writing, revision, and peer editing.

Language Arts & English Faculty