Navigating the Shared Kindergarten Applicant Video Process

When COVID first began, a number of Bay Area independent schools, including MTS, worked collaboratively to create a shared video process so that we could get to know our applicants in lieu of meeting them in person. This admission season we are grateful to be hosting in person Saturday playdates again, where we get to spend two hours with our kindergarten and first grade applicants. We also appreciate getting to know applicants in their home context and will continue to ask families to submit a set of videos of their child doing tasks and sharing what they know. The video below shares some tips about how to approach the video process with your applicant.

Videos can be filmed on a cell phone in the comfort of your home or any other setting. Before starting we recommend reading through the instructions at least twice so that you can prepare a few materials to use while filming. Detailed instructions on how to complete the kindergarten applicant videos are included in the Downloadable Documents section on this page as well as in Ravenna. First grade applicants have a slightly different set of instructions, which are available in Ravenna. Please don't hesitate to email Amy Pearson ( should you have questions.

Tips & Tricks

Watch Amy's video for some tips and tricks to approaching this process. 

Q: What do I say to my child about these videos?
A: It's a good idea to think about the best way to talk about what you will be doing with your child. Amy's video above has some tips on how you might want to approach this. 

Q: Is it better to do this right away so you have my videos soon?
A: There is no rush to complete the videos for MTS. Ideally you can find a time that feels right for you and your child.

Q: Should I practice this with my child and send you the best take?
A: We encourage you to take your child through this process once, and send in the videos from this experience. We appreciate seeing children as they are in an unrehearsed manner and want this to be as fun as possible for your child without adding repetition. That said, life intervenes, and if you need to stop a recording and do it again later, not to worry. You know your child best and we trust you.

Q: Where do I submit the videos? And in what format?
A: Once you have completed the shared assessment activities, please upload your videos to a video sharing website of your choice. Examples of free video sharing websites include Google Photos, YouTube, and Vimeo. Then drop the video link into Ravenna under the "Kindergarten Assessment Video" application step, and click "Submit".

Downloadable Documents

Video Deadline

January 25, 2023


If you are unable to meet this deadline, no problem, please be in touch with Amy Pearson.


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Tech Spotlight: Google Photos & Folders

If you have a Gmail account, and would like to use Google Photos & Folders to upload your videos, we have included some step by step instructions for you below.

How To: Google Photos

How To: Google Folders

More questions? Just ask!

Amy Pearson, Director of Admissions & Marketing x 113
Tricia Garcia, Admissions and Advancement Manager x 220