Thank you for considering Mount Tamalpais School in your school search. We understand that investing in an independent school education requires consideration, planning, and prioritization. We are happy to answer your questions at any time and strive to make the financial assistance application process as smooth as possible.

Like many independent schools, MTS uses School & Student Services (SSS), a service of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), to evaluate a family’s ability to pay for their child’s education. The SSS Family Portal has many helpful resources, including frequently asked questions. Please follow the steps below to submit an application for financial assistance. Amy Pearson, Director of Admissions & Marketing, is happy to answer your questions at any time and can be reached by phone 415-383-9434 x113 or email

  1. Complete the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) online. The PFS may be completed as early as November 1, 2016 and must be submitted by January 12, 2017. Use School Code 5251 when submitting your PFS.

    In the separated/divorced cases, both parents must submit a PFS.

  1. Submit your 2015 and 2016 tax returns, including W2’s or 1099’s, to SSS. Please include all schedules filed.

  2. Sign and upload IRS form 4506-T to SSS. MTS reserves the right to request copies of the tax returns you filed with the IRS to verify accuracy of the copies submitted to SSS. There is no need to submit a check payable to the IRS with the form.

Families applying for financial assistance will receive their admission decision and financial assistance decision at the same time. The Admissions Committee is not aware of family applications for financial assistance; admission decisions are made solely on the application file of the student applying.

Financial assistance awards are granted for one year and families reapply for assistance each year. Unless there is a significant change in income or assets, families can expect the same level of assistance to continue from year to year.