Frequently Asked Questions


How many siblings are predicted to join the Kindergarten class this year?

The exact number of siblings, faculty/staff, and legacy applicants varies in any given year, but our projections indicate that less than ⅓ of the class will consist of siblings, legacy, and faculty/staff children. Sibling, legacy, and faculty/staff applicants are screened in November and are evaluated using the same process, procedures, and criteria as all other applicants.

Do you find it challenging for kindergarten students to adjust to traveling to multiple classes a day?

Kindergarten students spend approximately ½ of their day in their homeroom with the kindergarten teachers. Some subject-specific teachers travel to the kindergarten room. When kindergarten students do travel to a class, they are escorted by the kindergarten teachers for the first trimester. By the second trimester they are quite comfortable on the campus and know their way around campus very well. We see them high-fiving their 5th and 8th grade Buddy Bears in the hallways all the time.

How many families come from San Francisco?

Approximately ¼ of our students come from San Francisco.

Is MTS a place where diversity is valued?

Absolutely. The school seeks to build the diversity of our community in many ways, including socio-economic, family backgrounds, student learning profiles, geography, family structure, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religious affiliation, professional affinities, physical abilities, and so on.

Twenty-three percent of our student body are students of color. 

How many children take the bus? How many bus routes do you offer?

Over half of the students at MTS ride the bus to and from school each day. We have 4 different bus routes that serve families from San Francisco to San Rafael. Our North Marin bus stops in San Rafael, San Anselmo, Kentfield, Ross, Larkspur, and Corte Madera. Our Southern Marin bus route stops at several locations in Tiburon. Our Sausalito bus route serves families in Marin City and Sausalito. Two buses transport students from San Francisco; one route stops at Cervantes & Marina, the Main Post, and at the SE transit stop near the GGB and the other route stops in Sea Cliff, 10th Avenue & Lake, and Temple Emanu-El. Additional stops can be added as needed. Students who stay for after-school sports or enrichment classes can take the late bus, which operates Monday–Thursday, leaving campus at 4:15 pm and dropping students in Sausalito and San Francisco.

How can I be involved as a parent at MTS?

There are so many ways to be involved at MTS and we welcome your participation. Whether on campus helping in specific classrooms (art, library), running hot lunch, working in the garden, or volunteering at an annual event, we welcome your time and talent. Parents can help from home by being a room parent, joining a committee, or supporting outreach efforts. All parents are part of our Parent Association and our Parent Association President coordinates parent sign-ups throughout the year.

When does school start and end?

School starts at 8:10 am. Students are welcome to arrive as early as 7:30 am and go to the library. At 7:45 am, students can go into their homerooms. School ends at 3:05 pm.

What kind of after school care and enrichment opportunities do you have after school?

MTS offers after-school care until 6:00 pm. Younger students play on the playground and spend time together inside. Older students work on homework and projects in the library. Enrichment classes are offered Mondays–Thursdays and sign-ups are by trimester. Classes typically offered are, Acronastics, Beginning Voice, Chess, Coding, Cooking, Dance, Flag Football, Glass Art, Golf, Impromptu Public Speaking, Instrumental Lessons, Jewelry Making, Multi-Media Art, and Yoga.

Do you have after school sport teams?

Yes, cross-country is offered in the fall for 3rd–8th grade students and volleyball is offered for 6th–8th graders. We field winter basketball teams for 4th–8th grade. Spring sports include track & field for 3rd–8th grade, as well as 2nd grade basketball and 3rd grade basketball teams.

What if my child is apprehensive about performing?

The children are introduced to singing, music, rhythm instruments, and drama games in kindergarten. Continuing in the first, second, third and fourth grades, the students have drama classes once a week where they are encouraged to perform within small groups and are gradually prepared for participating in the Winter Play. By the time they are in fifth grade, the students have been exposed to multiple performance opportunities, both inside the classroom and on the main stage. Their experience and participation in drama and music classes every week build their confidence and almost always eliminate all fear of performing; virtually every student enthusiastically seeks the chance to be on stage.

My child plays an instrument. How will this be fostered at MTS?

The instrumental music program at MTS provides many opportunities for students. In our general music program, students in the lower grades begin to learn how to read and write music. Third graders have units on tone bells, xylophones, and recorders. Beginning in the fourth grade, students are invited to take after-school private lessons on flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and drums. Although we do not offer strings, piano, or guitar as a part of this program, we are happy to help students find a teacher for these instruments. Our three bands include Junior Band for beginners, Concert Band for students who have been studying their instrument for two or more years, and Jazz Band for more advanced students. Bands perform in the Fall and Spring Concerts and in the Band Concert in May. Instrumentalists and vocalists are also invited to perform in four recitals, two in the winter and two in the spria