Faculty & Staff

Our faculty and staff love what they do. Teachers teach their passion and bring tremendous experience to their craft every day. The departmentalized structure at MTS allows our science educators to teach science, our literature-lovers to teach English, and our math experts to teach math. 



Jennifer Adams (alumni parent): Dean of Curriculum, 5th Grade Homeroom, Math: 28 years at MTS

Cathy Angelo: Performing Arts: 35 years at MTS

David Baker (alumni parent & current parent): Head of Middle School, Math: 29 years at MTS

Suzanne Beard (alumni parent): 3rd Grade Homeroom, Lower School Science: 20 years at MTS

Jennifer Bennett (current parent): Physical Education: 18 years at MTS

Lindsay Bercovitch (current parent): Performing Arts: 19 years at MTS

Tyler Bewley: Studio Arts: 11 years at MTS

Trisha Cahill: 4th Grade Homeroom, STEM, Math: 21 years at MTS

Josie Chavez: After Care: 2 years at MTS

Julia Esser: Kindergarten Homeroom, Humanities: 8 years at MTS

Aileen Fedrick: 2nd Grade Homeroom, Humanities: 3 years at MTS

Marcia Giesen: Physical Education: 36 years at MTS

Barbara Guarriello (current parent): Spanish, Diversity Committee Chair: 6 years at MTS

Gerard Guarriello (current parent): Spanish, Latin: 6 years at MTS

Elliot Hayne (alumni parent): 1st Grade Homeroom, Humanities: 28 years at MTS

Eric Kielich (alumni parent): 7th Grade Homeroom, Science: 36 years at MTS

Megan Kuykendall (alumni, current parent): 3rd Grade Homeroom, Humanities: 16 years at MTS

Lisa Levin: Librarian: 2 years at MTS

Agnes Li: Mandarin: 7 years at MTS

Deborah Marcom (alumni parent): Performing Arts: 24 years at MTS

Kevin Markovich: 4th Grade Homeroom, Math: 3 years at MTS

Michael Matson: Performing Arts: 29 years at MTS

Lauren Mayer: 7th Grade Homeroom, English: 2 years at MTS

Heather McCuskey (current parent): 1st Grade Homeroom, Lower School Learning Specialist: 14 years at MTS

Cathal Murray: Physical Education: 23 years at MTS

Tracy Novick (alumni parent): School Nurse: 8 years at MTS

Whitney O'Keefe (current parent): Kindergarten Homeroom, Humanities: 19 years at MTS

Rachael Olmanson: 2nd Grade Homeroom, Humanities: 11 years at MTS

Evy Packer (alumni parent): Studio Arts: 11 years at MTS

Maria Pevzner: Middle School Learning Specialist: 1 year at MTS

Robert Potter (current parent): Geography, Math: 21 years at MTS

Ally Svirsky: 5th Grade Homeroom, Humanities, English: 1 year at MTS

Mike Taverna: Director of Instructional Technology: 1 year at MTS

D.J. Thistle: Head of Lower School, Math: 8 years at MTS

Nancy Tracy (alumni parent): 6th Grade Homeroom, Social Studies: 39 years at MTS


administration & STAFF

Lindsay Atkinson (alumni): After Care Coordinator: 4 years at MTS

Adrian Blanco: Custodian: 1 year at MTS

Heather Brubaker: Communications, 1 year at MTS

Ernesto Chavez: Custodian: 10 years at MTS

Josie Chavez: After Care: 3 years at MTS

Andrew Davis: Head of School: 2 years at MTS

Joelle Dodge: Controller: 1 year at MTS

Kelly Hennessey: School Secretary: 5 years at MTS

Rosie Nicolini: Director of Operations & Facilities: 17 years at MTS

Amy Pearson: Director of Admissions & Marketing: 2 years at MTS

Mimi Van Son: Director of Development: 2 years at MTS


Administration & Staff