In-Person Learning in 2020-2021

We are incredibly thankful that Mount Tamalpais School has been able to provide in-person learning every day for our students in grades K-8 this year. We continue to monitor the evolving pandemic and adjusting as needed to continue to provide a safe environment for the entire on-campus community. We want to thank the faculty and staff for their dedication and hard work in reopening the school, as well as our MTS families for following our safety guidelines and protocols.

With special attention to COVID-19, MTS is committed to the safety of our entire community of teachers, students, and families.

Stay-At-Home Order

With COVID surging and a new, more contagious strain in California, it is imperative that we all bring a renewed level of dedication to COVID safety in the weeks and months ahead

Please closely follow the Stay-At-Home Order, and do not gather with people outside your household even masked and outside. Schools and organized sports teams are two of the few exceptions allowed at this time.

The state has also asked Californians “to avoid non-essential travel to any part of California more than 120 miles from one's place of residence.” Knowing this, we ask MTS families to change plans for travel over this coming long weekend. Doing so will help stem the spread of COVID and reduce the potential for overwhelming hospitals. If your student must travel beyond 120 miles while the Stay-At-Home Order is in place, please complete this form so we can assess risk before your child returns to campus. 

COVID Testing

Starting in January, we will implement a COVID testing regiment for all students. Every week, half of the student body will be tested, along with and a random group of middle school students also tested in their “off” week. We will remain flexible and adjust testing cadence as well as method depending on macro conditions and vendor options. After evaluating a number of labs and testing methods, we have decided to stay with the saliva-based PCR tests for the foreseeable future. We are also hiring a part-time COVID coordinator to help facilitate the testing program and day-to-day COVID related health and wellness follow up.

Week of January 25, 2021
Testing for Students in Group A

Test kits will come home with students on Monday, 1/25. Students drop off completed sample during drop off on the morning of Tuesday, 1/26. 

School Breaks in 2021

For our Mid-Winter Break in February and our Spring Break in April, we will pair a week of distance learning with COVID testing in each instance. 

  • February Mid-Winter Break - 2/15-2/19, Distance Learning from 2/22-2/26 with COVID testing on February 25. 
  • April Spring Break - 4/5-4/9, Distance Learning from 4/12-4/16 with COVID testing on April 15. 

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Student wearing a mask at school on the playground
Parent Checklist

Before coming back to school, please be sure to do the following:

1) Read MTS School COVID-19 Response Plan

2) Sign the Commitment to a Healthy Community

3) Remember to fill out the Health Survey on ParentSquare every morning before you drop your child off at school.


  • Stay home when you are sick. 

  • Wear a mask when on campus, indoors and outdoors.

  • Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds; if not possible, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

  • Disinfect your personal belongings.

  • Do not share personal belongings or food with others.

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

  • If you become sick on campus, follow protocols immediately.

  • A flu shot is highly recommended.