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Front Office & Division Heads

Kelly Sullivan

School Secretary

Contact Kelly if your child is sick, is coming in late, or your student's pick-up plans have changed. Kelly keeps attendance and tracks all notes coming from home to school and school to home. Kelly can answer general questions and will help direct you to the right person if you do not know who to contact.  

Naveen Kanithi

Registrar and After School Programs Administrator

Ask Naveen about school registrations forms, immunization and medical updates, and the cost for bus transportation, after school care, enrichment classes, and private instrumental lessons.

Meagan Andrews

Head of Lower School

Ask Meagan about lower school classes and general lower school questions.  

Nick Wilsey

Head of Middle School

Contact Nick if you have any questions about middle school at MTS.

George Veh


Ask George any questions related to about billing and tuition.