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Do you know your party's name but not their email? Our MTS email convention is simple. 

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Front Office & Division Heads

Meagan Andrews

Meagan Andrews

Head of Lower School

Ask Meagan about lower school classes and general lower school questions.  

Lisa Barnes

Lisa Barnes

School Receptionist

Contact Lisa if your child is sick, is coming in late, or your student's pick-up plans have changed. Lisa keeps attendance and tracks all notes coming from home to school and school to home. Lisa can answer general questions and will help direct you to the right person if you do not know who to contact.  

Quincy Davis

Quincy Davis

Director of Equity and Inclusion

Ask Quincy about community and belonging at MTS. Quincy welcomes the opportunity to connect with your family and learn more about your identity and family culture. 

Joelle Dodge

Joelle Dodge

Director of Finance and Operations

Ask Joelle about financial assistance at MTS.

Nancy Kehoe 2

Nancy Kehoe

Advancement Director

Ask Nancy about ways to get involved at MTS, volunteering, and community events.