Veterans Day

Veterans Day
View of campus and Mount Tamalpais behind it

Today, Veterans Day, we celebrate and honor those who serve and have served our country in the military. On behalf of Mount Tamalpais School, I would like to thank our current parents, alumni, alumni parents, and all extended family members and friends who have worked to protect our country and, in doing so, protect the right to freedom and democracy. I would also like to suggest that Veterans Day is a wonderful chance to connect with our children about family, values, and global peace. 

Scrolling through my own Instagram feed today, I see numerous images of family and friends who have served in the military. Each of these portraits is an opportunity to talk with our children about our families. Many of us have family members who have either served in the military or made a conscious choice not to serve. If your family is like mine, these family members’ stories are not a frequent topic of conversation. Veterans Day is an opportunity to tell those stories or connect and ask to hear the stories that might not have been told. 

My friends and colleagues who have served in the military uphold many of the values that we espouse at Mount Tamalpais School. As I hold each of these servicemen and women in my mind, they exude respect and integrity, two words in our Mission Statement. I have also had meaningful conversations with veterans and public servants about “duty” and having a calling to serve a higher need. In talking with and about Veterans, we can wade into important conversations about the values we as parents and educators hold dear.

Finally, Veterans Day is an opportunity for us all to reflect on the global peace that largely reigns today. Veterans Day was first established as Armistice Day, the end of World War I in which over nine million soldiers lost their lives worldwide. While our nation is clearly divided and global unrest percolates amidst a pandemic, we live in relative safety. When first established, Veterans Day was meant to “perpetuate peace through good will and mutual understanding between nations.” These words remind me that we must educate our children, the students of Mount Tamalpais School, to ensure we remain at peace. I hope that our students will be the ones to perpetuate peace and have the skills to bolster mutual understanding between people, communities, and countries.

Again, thank you to the veterans in our community and our country.

Andrew Davis

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