Never Waste a Good September

Never Waste a Good September

Earlier this week, I read a Wall Street Journal article about the Chinese government imposing restrictions on video gaming for children under 18. Moving forward in China, there are no video games allowed on school nights and only one hour a day during the weekend. My initial thought was, “So many of our families would love for the government to impose this sort of restriction.” While video game hours are not (yet) a battle in the Davis household, I will admit that our screen time and bedtime rules have become far more relaxed over the summer. While detrimental to bedtime, that “one more episode, please” does allow time for more adult conversation and finishing my glass of wine. 

Barring a government edict, it is up to Robin and me to reset the rules and expectations. And, there is no better time to do this than the start of the school year. When we explain our return to 7:45 bedtime and 30 minutes of television, there will undoubtedly be a “WHY?!” The best and easiest excuse is the start of school. While they don’t like to admit it, the late bedtime of summer yields an exhausted third grader and a painful morning departure for our first grader. The additional screen time only makes falling asleep more difficult. If you need even more ammunition for the rule-tightening, you can blame it on me. “Andrew told us that you should have less screen time and go to bed earlier.” I am happy to take the fall for you.

Winston Churchill and Rahm Emmanuel are both known for saying, “Never waste a good crisis.” In this case, I suggest “Never waste a good September.” Though the adult conversation time will wane, these healthy habits are good for the growing mind. Good luck at your upcoming family meeting!

- Andrew


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