Who Stole Andrew's Cookies? A Holiday Crime Investigation

It's that time of year again! Toni Brand's 7th grade class is on the job, investigating "Who Stole Andrew's Cookies!" in their holiday chemistry lab. There are four suspects – Cathal, Rob, Gerry, and Meagan. Students need to use scientific tests and their knowledge of chemistry to investigate the crime and identify the person who stole Andrew's cookies. We can't wait to find out who is responsible for this heinous crime!

During the investigation, students must inspect, test, and analyze evidence that Nick Wilsey found in each suspect's home. The evidence will allow them to determine who stole the cookie packages. They will need to observe physical and chemical changes in white powder, use their knowledge of pH balance, examine and compare ink samples from pens using ink chromatography, and match "blood" samples. 

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