Waiver Approved

Our waiver to bring students on campus for in person learning was approved! We are very excited to welcome back our kindergarten and first grade students on campus for the first days of school. We are all learning the new protocols and procedures we’ve put in place to ensure everyone stays safe during COVID. Students and faculty alike are adapting quickly!

Each week, we will add another grade back onto campus until we have Grades K-6 here in person. We hope that if case rates continue their downward trend, we will be able to welcome 7th and 8th graders back in person eventually as well. In the meantime, our students who are not yet back on campus have started their distance learning program. Our faculty is ready to apply their summer professional development work on distance learning and improved knowledge of technologies for remote learning.


On the first day of school, Head of School Andrew Davis welcomed the entire community back to school in a gathering via YouTube streaming. Our theme for school this year is “Action!” Andrew quoted John Lewis who once said, “When you see something that is not right, you must say something, you must do something.” This year, more than any other, acting with integrity is more important than ever. We’re all going to work together, both individually and collectively, to ensure our community’s safety during these unusual times.

If you missed Andrew’s Convocation presentation, you can watch it here.








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