Teddy Bear Day Celebration

We had such a blast this year at Teddy Bear Day! Teddy Bear Day is one of the most beloved traditions at Mount Tamalpais School. The day kicks off the Buddy Bear program. The Buddy Bear relationships build the student community at MTS, while providing a format for older and younger students to develop strong bonds with one another. Students are grouped with other students in different grade levels for various events and occasions throughout the year. 

On Teddy Bear Day every students bring a teddy bear to school and joins their Buddy Bears at recess and then the whole school participates in the Teddy Bear assembly and parade. Later, students each lunch together with the buddies and then enjoy a yummy bear gelato treat. Students also enjoyed the "free dress" day when they can choose to wear clothes outside the standard MTS uniform. 

Since last year we were unable to have the grades mix, it was particularly heartwarming to see our students get together with their Buddy Bears this year and to celebrated this well-loved tradition once again. Enjoy a selection of photos from the fun day below!


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