MTS Community Supports Ukrainian Refugees

MTS worked hard this spring to come together and support Ukrainian refugees as part of the school's broader serving learning program. The community has been inspired by the Arizae Foundation, an organization based in Marin. 

Arizae was created out of the urgent need to help the Ukrainian people defend their country, support their community, and keep their families safe. So far, they have created 7 fully equipped shelters for displaced people, delivered over 100 tons of medical supplies, arranged transport for humanitarian aid, worked with SpaceX to deliver hundreds of Starlink satellite devices so communication links can stay open, and much more. MTS parents, faculty, and students have supported various projects to support and raise money for the cause.

In one project, the entire school wrote letters and drawings with messages of support and hope for the refugees. The founders of the Arizae organization, Andy and Sara Kurtzig, went to Poland to help at the refugee camps and brought the letters with them. The second batch of letters was delivered by MTS parent Maiya Shaw who traveled to Poland for the same reason and is currently there now. Maiya sent our community a message to share the impact the letters have had on the refugees.

Maiya Shaw writes: 

"I took them [the letters] to an organization my friend is affiliated with called the Shehyi Humanitarian Aid Center. They provide boxes filled with supplies (food and basic necessities) to areas on or near the front lines where people have been completely cut off from supply chains. They fill a van with 400+ boxes and can get them distributed in 10 minutes, then leave the danger zone. They also bring bags for kids filled with coloring pens, little toys, candies, etc. It is amazing.

A few nights ago we crossed the border to help them with a shipment of supplies they were unloading. We then put the drawings/letters into the bags going to kids. I have to tell you, the people at the organization were blown away (and asked to keep one for their HQ (you can see it to the left of the flag in one of the photos below).  And….one of the guys saw the letters and said (in Ukrainian) “I know these letters!” Turns out he had watched Ukrainian TV and seen when Andy Kurtzig showed the last batch of letters!!! We told another Ukrainian woman we are working with at World Central Kitchen about the letters, and she burst into tears. She couldn’t believe we would do something like that. Here are some photos I thought you would enjoy.  Thank you for all your work in making that all happen."

Gather to Learn About Ukraine

The school was lucky to have Sara Kurtzig come to speak on April 27th to 3rd through 8th-grade students about Ukraine after her family returned from helping at the refugee centers in Poland and Slovakia, as well as delivering much-needed supplies from the Arizae Foundation to people inside Ukraine. Currently, almost 15 million Ukrainians have been displaced and of the almost 6 million to have left Ukraine, 90% are women and children. Sara spoke with students about the history of Ukraine, where it's located, and talked about its culture. 

The Arizae Foundation has made the local news for its efforts. Watch these two videos, before and after their spring break trip on Bay Area KTVU news. 

Bake Sale Fundraiser

Middle School students hosted a bake sale on May 2nd to raise funds to support the Arizae organization. They sold an array of treats at $1 or any donation above, and it was an amazing success in raising money for the cause.


8th Grade Field Day Fundraiser

On May 6th, we celebrated Gratitude Day, and 8th graders hosted another fundraising effort. They offered fun after-school activities for grades K-4 students, and they charged $25 to participate. All the funds raised also went to the Arizae Foundation. While rainy weather meant the field activities had to move to the gym, the 8th graders gracefully pivoted and modified their plans to accommodate the lower school students. 

We are so thankful for all the contributions made by everyone in the community in support of this effort. If you are interested in learning more or donating to the cause, visit: 100% of all money raised goes directly to Ukraine and is fully tax-deductible. 



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