Students Receive Letters from the White House in Response to Their Advocacy

Several of our students received signed letters from Joe Biden in response to letters they wrote to him about pollution last spring. President Biden wrote, "Thank you for writing to me about our environment...It is important that you continue to use your voice to speak out on this issue. Because of students like you, I am more confident than ever in our country's ability to overcome any challenge we face. And remember – when you make your voice heard, adults listen."

The letters our fifth graders wrote were a part of teachers Talia Rhodes and Trisha Cahill's class project connected to the all-school "door-to-door" student activism exhibition last May. The class started by watching Hannah Testa's TedTalk titled "Youth Activism: Activating Your Voice." The class identified that activism involves three steps: 1) Find Your Why, 2) Educate Yourself, and 3) Advocate for Change. The students were passionate about removing plastic pollution from the ocean and were encouraged to write letters advocating for change. 

We're so proud of our students, for speaking up and taking initiative on issues they feel are important, and in doing so, seeing how their actions can result in getting the attention of those around them – even the President of the United States.  

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