Science in the Garden

Our Lower School STEM teacher, Anastassia, is spending a lot of time with our students in the garden this fall. 

2nd graders kicked off garden fun by digging and turning the soil, watering the pollinator bed, and transplanting nasturtiums and sweet peas. The 2nd grade voted to create a bean and pea tipi and trellis as well. 

2nd graders working in the MTS garden

They have also enjoyed building a worm hotel for some new earthworms to help the garden thrive. Students bravely released the wiggly friends directly into the sweet pea garden bed. 

2nd Graders putting worms in the garden

Meanwhile, our kindergarten students each planted a bulb in the garden, and they are very excited to watch them grow. 

Kindergarten student preparing to plant bulbs in the garden

We hope to build a love of living things and systems in our students. So far we're off to a great start!

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