Peek At Our Week In Lower School











It’s hard to believe it’s just over a week since we started the 2019-2020 School Year! Our teachers and students have been hard at work building community, utilizing Responsive Classroom frameworks, learning about each other and the stories that shape us as we enter this year, launching their first investigations, and so much more!

Heard Around the Lower School:

  • “WAIT…. Does my parent know that I am learning this?....But, do they know I’m doing this at school?... Can I tell my parent that I learned this! They will be so proud of me!” - Kindergarten student during Mandarin, in complete awe and filled with excitement.

  • “Nooooooo! Let's stay a little longer! We were thinking so hard!” - Engaged mathematicians who learned it was time to clean up and go to their next class.

  • “This story made me think of my sister when she was nice to me and it made me feel really good. My drawing represents that moment.” - First graders in Writer’s Workshop connecting to a mentor text.

  • “Come look! Come look! I love this!” - K-5 students :)

  • … and so many expressions of joy!


Peek at our Week:

  • Fifth grade students did a Gallery Walk to brainstorm about leadership and build their community as Leaders of the Lower School.

  • Science students practiced inquiry-based questions, listening skills, and making hypothesis to determine what was hidden in Mystery Boxes.

  • Mathematicians began thinking about our Math Mindsets (from Jo Boaler) and discovering “Math is Life.” We learned that math is a language we use to describe our world. We learned about the math in our classrooms, the math in ourselves, and the math that connects us.

  • Lower School students used Responsive Classroom frameworks to set goals and develop class norms: From Art to Engineering to Readers/Writers Workshop, students thought about what a positive classroom environment looks like, sounds like, feels like, and needs in order to meet our goals.

  • Readers and Writers began routines, check-ins and conferring conversations, and strategies that build voracious reading/writing habits.

  • … and so much more!

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