MTS Students Perform Original Compositions at School Gather

Today our 5th, 6th, and 7th graders performed original music compositions at an All School Gather. Our students were excited to perform for the community, and everyone in attendance was impressed with the students' songwriting and singing on stage. Many students in the audience joined in on some of the songs, including "Shrek the Ogre." During interludes, the audience enjoyed hearing fun music compositions pre-recorded by 8th graders. Seeing students dressed in support of Women's International Day today was also a lot of fun.

5th graders performed original music to well-known poetry, 6th graders wrote songs as part of their blues unit, and our 7th graders were required to write a song with a chorus sung in another language. A special shout out goes to our 7th grade group, who wrote a song about the conflict in Ukraine and sang the chorus in Ukrainian.  Watch a video of the performance here. Congratulations to our talented student performers!




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