MTS Grade 5 Boys Soccer Team Championship Winners!

MTS Grade 5 Boys Soccer Team recently won all three of their games in the Mill Valley Soccer Rec League Jamboree Playoffs to qualify to be in the championship game of their draw against a Tiburon team this past Saturday, November 4. 

The MTS Team won 3-1 to be overall winner of their draw for a second year in a row. Great overall teamwork was the key strength of the team. 

Jen Bennet of MTS volunteered again this year as Head Coach for the team, and she has been doing a great job leading the team and helping all of the players improve over the season, play well together, and integrate the few non MTS players well on the team. Matt Estes was Assistant Coach and provided soccer knowledge, strategy, and motivation. It was their second year coaching together.  

Congratulations, Team!

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