Celebrating Family Traditions with the Harvest Moon Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival

Our 2nd graders Vi, Violet, and Otto shared mooncakes and stories about the Mid-Autumn Festival with their classmates today. This special holiday is celebrated in many East and Southeast Asian nations in different ways, but usually involves lighting and carrying lanterns, eating mooncakes or other special treats, and staying up late to celebrate the full moon. We learned about how our families celebrate this holiday and tasted different mooncake flavors (black sesame, pineapple, egg custard, mixed nut, and melon) and a delicious berry chilled tea.

Making Lanterns

Our Lower School students have also been making paper lanterns for the holiday and decorating the courtyard for our Curriculum Nights. Our middle school students gave presentations about the food and history around the holiday, practicing their Mandarin, and used recycles boxes to make lanterns. 



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