7th Graders Take Medieval Pilgrimages

The 7th grade has been studying medieval Europe this semester and researching and developing a medieval character (such as monks, priests, nuns, peasants, knights, noble people, tradesmen, etc.) as a way to experience history in the first-person. They recently went on pilgrimage down to the grove (one of our nearby outdoor learning spaces) to present skits and related artwork to share their learnings. The students have been studying medieval pilgrimage routes, the saints and their relics, and the different reasons people went on pilgrimage. Having read a little Chaucer, they also related the different relationships of those traveling together. 

The 7th graders will continue using the characters they have developed as they study the bubonic plague, and they will also return to the concept of pilgrimage in their next unit on the Middle East as they study the hajj.

Pilgrimage Skits in the Grove

7th Graders Share What They're Working On



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