Introducing Quincy Davis

We are so excited to bring Quincy Davis into the fold as our Director of Equity and Inclusion. He comes with a wealth of experience working with elementary and middle school students, as well as bringing cultural consciousness to schools, and his energy and enthusiasm are infectious. Quincy is quickly getting to know our students and community, and we feel lucky to have him here. We thought the community might like to learn a bit more about him, so he kindly answered a few questions for us below. Read on!

A brief interview with Quincy Davis, Director of Equity and Inclusion 

What were you doing before you came to MTS?

- I taught at an independent school in Pacific Palisades. I was also the head coach for the girls and boys 6th grade basketball teams. Prior to that, I was a K-8 performing arts teacher at a charter school in Los Angeles. For the past decade I have worked for a consulting company that helps charter, public and independent schools in implementing culturally responsive teaching and learning. 

What led you to your current position? In other words, why did you leave the classroom to take on this role?

- It was a very tough decision to leave my former school, as well as the classroom. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the day to day growth that students would accomplish while in my class. I decided it was time to move on after our country dealt with the two pandemics (health and racial). I believe the health pandemic has caused each of us to analyze what we truly value most. While I think the racial pandemic provided an opportunity for our country and many institutions (specifically schools) to do a deep dive into the systemic and institutional racism that has persisted for decades. I wanted to go somewhere that I could help in leading the charge for change. MTS was the perfect match. While walking around campus, I felt how important developing change makers was to the leadership and teachers at MTS.

Tell us about your family. Where did you grow up?

- I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I actually never thought I would live anywhere outside of Southern California. I married my wife Kinsey in 2013. We have two children. Our son Chatman is 3 years old. Our daughter Quincy (Quin) is 1 years old. I am extremely close with my immediate and extended family. Family means the world to me. 

What are you most looking forward to as you join the MTS community? 

- I am looking forward to continuing to build relationships with every member of this community. I remember meeting some of our students during my interview and being astonished by the confidence they had in themselves, how proud they were in talking about their school and the passion they exhibited when discussing social justice issues. I enjoyed seeing the bond that these students had with their teachers and with one another. I knew right away this was a place that I wanted to call home.

What's one way to make people feel welcome? 

- I love this question because there are so many ways a person can make someone feel welcomed. For me, I feel welcomed when someone I am around is their authentic self. There are so many times in our day to day life that we do not feel comfortable in our own skin. When someone feels safe enough to be themselves....that to me is a welcoming environment. 

What's your favorite food? 

- My mom's mac and cheese and my grandmother's spaghetti.

Favorite book and/or movie? 

-A book that I really enjoy reading to my son and daughter right now is "I Promise" by Lebron James. My favorite movie is the Lion King.

Anything else you want to tell us? 

-I have actually been a 49ers fan since birth. As far as the other bay area teams....well go LAKERS, USC TROJANS and ANGELS. Since I am from LA and know how much this team is loved in the bay.....GOOO DODGERS!!!!!



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