Outstanding Performances in the Winter Recital 2020

Our talented musicians in Grades 3-8 recently performed in the Winter Recital 2020. 28 students took turns performing live on Zoom for the MTS Community. Those watching encouraged the students by posting positive comments in the chat window. In one heartwarming moment while sixth grader Audrey was singing, the family cat jumped up into the zoom screen and Audrey continued on without missing a beat as she removed the cat from blocking the video camera. Read on for more highlights from the show. 

3rd grader Naeem performed a Teentaal tabla solo. 

4th grader Makena played the ukulele and and sang "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz. 

 5th grader Jahan played "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) by John Williams on the trumpet. 

 5th grader Daniel played a spritely rendition of "Mickey Mouse" by M. Schmitz on the piano.

 Also representing the 5th grade was Brian, who played the electric guitar and sang "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple.

5th Grader Luca played acoustic guitar and sang a beautiful rendition of "Remember Me" by G. Florew, L. Fonzi, and G. Bernal. 

 We also had a number of 6th graders playing guitar, including Casper who rocked out on "Livin' Lovin' Maid by Led Zeppelin, and Aggie who soulfully sang and played "Country Roads" by John Denver. 


7th grader Yasmin played "Gypsy Camp" by Nancy Faber on the piano. 

 In the 8th grade, listeners enjoyed a magical take of "Bolero" by Rebecca on the harp, and the show ended with Simon playing some impressive banjo. 

All the students did a wonderful job, and the recital was a fun way to bring the MTS community together. A shout out to our MTS Music Teacher, Lilianna Parker, for organizing the event – thank you! 


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