From Strong to Stronger

PowerpointSlide: "From Strong to Stronger: MTS State of the School October 2020"

On the evening of Wednesday, October 21, Head of School Andrew Davis gave his annual State of the School presentation to the MTS community via YouTube Livestreaming. The presentation included real-time, interactive polling, as well as additional speakers Nancy Bernstein, President of the Board of Trustees, and Jason Payne, Development Committee Chair.

The school has gone from "Strong to Stronger" as COVID has accelerated innovation. Read on for highlights from the overview below. 

  • MTS has successfully completed 3,977 in-person student days on campus. (Number of students on campus times the number of days at school.) 

Fundamentals Enhanced

  • Last year, students had their best ERB test scores to date.
  • 20 out of 24 eighth graders graduated to their high school of choice and 4 went to their second choice school. 

Innovation Accelerated

COVID Unlocks Innovation
  • New spaces this year include an updated STEM Center, two Lower School classrooms and a seminar room, four 900 square foot tents, and new classroom assignments for almost every teacher.  
Quote: "In one summer we broke free from a schedule that had felt impossible to change."

2021 & Beyond: Learnings Leveraged  

  • A focus on DEI with heightened urgency and prominence in all aspects of programming.
Powerpoint slide: Curriculum, Program, and Community


Live Poll and Responses from the MTS Community
How would you describe the State of the School?


Visit the MTS YouTube Channel to watch a recording of the full presentation here

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